do you know what it's like to be unmade?

So sometimes I watch this “kid’s” show on Nickelodeon.

And I’m catching up now.

And in this episode, an on-again off-again sixteen year old couple, (one pop star, one actor,) is basically role playing as a Russian thief/spy and her accomplice.

And the guy is obviously really turned on by his sometime-gf dressing up, (he tells her to wear the wig…and the boots…and the accent,) and whenever she kisses him while in costume, he ends up literally frozen in place.

Also, there is a secondary plot about a new eighteen-year-old resident in their apartment building who is extra special because “she has her own place”.

This is a kid’s show.

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# remember when nickelodeon was actually kid-friendly? # oh # wait # it never was # SAM CLIMBED INTO CLARISSA'S BEDROOM THROUGH THE FUCKING WINDOW # big time rush

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